County Youth Foundations involved in the project

Participants in training courses

Participants in local events

The County Youth Foundations represent a specific form of set up of youth enterprises in Romania – a form of federal organization, which, most of the time, includes one of the most important resources: infrastructure.

Established after the Revolution, by the Decree Law 150/1990 on the Establishment of Foundations for Youth, and later their activity was regulated by Laws 146/2002 and 350/2006. Unfortunately, they have been overtaken by the current context in terms of working with young people and youth organizations. As a result, youth foundations have, in recent years, had as their main objective the difficult continuation of their own existence, leaving development activities at the end of their priorities.

Therefore, this project aims to revitalize these youth structures through various means. Increasing the capacity of FJTs, their sustainability and the development of support services for youth NGOs in the region will have an immediate and visible effect on the local non-governmental youth sector. Thus, the FJTs become not only support centers of young civil society, but also vectors of influence at the level of local authorities.


Involvement of 20 county youth foundations in training activities throughout the project.

During the project, the county youth foundation involved will develop and adopt efficient procedures in their work which will then be multiplied locally through support services for youth NGOs.

At least half of the organizations involved will have alternative sources of funding, and at least 5 of the foundations will implement fundraising campaigns.

Analysis of non-governmental organizations registered in the project

The project experts will analyze the organizations registered at the beginning and end of the project, in order to determine the impact that the activities carried out had on them.

Training activities

The representatives of the county foundations for youth will take part in a series of training courses, followed by a period of mentoring with experts from the project.
Topics covered: strategic planning; internal management procedures; accessing non-reimbursable financing; identifying and attracting alternative sources of funding; increasing transparency; accredited trainer training course; mentor training course.

Network development

One of the most important components of the project is the exchange of know-how between the participants. Thus, during the project, the beneficiaries will go on study visits to other FJTs, where they will have the opportunity to observe how they carry out their activity and to take over procedural elements that can be applied in their organizations.

An additional element will be represented by the General Assemblies of the National Foundation for Youth, in which they will be invited to participate.

Moreover, in order to maximize the development of the network of county foundations, networking events will be organized to which important local / national stakesholders will be invited

Communication and information

Throughout the project, both the organizers and the beneficiaries of the project will promote the activities carried out within it.

Moreover, for the previous stage, they will receive support so that the events carried out by the foundations reach the targeted young people.

The project is implemented by the Timis County Youth Foundation in partnership with National Youth Foundation, PONT Group and Newschool and benefits from a 249,970 euro grant from Active Citizens Fund Romania, programme funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through EEA Grants 2014-2021. The content of this website does not necessarily reflect the official position of the EEA and Norway Grants 2014-2021; for more information visit More details about Active Citizens Fund Romania are available at