Youth Ecosystem Synergies – YES – the closing event

We are quickly approaching the final event of the “Revitalizing the Youth Sector in Romania” project, conducted alongside our partners: the National Youth Foundation, the PONT Group, and Newschool.

 For a week, the entire network of the National Youth Foundation – representatives of county youth foundations, youth workers, ambassadors, and partners – will meet in Bucharest to participate in the closing event, YES – Youth Ecosystem Synergies.

 The event will take place at the National Library of Romania (22 Unirii Boulevard) from April 22 to April 26 and represents a culmination of the activities carried out throughout the project, offering an exceptional space for international networking and learning for all beneficiaries. The event will feature thematic sessions and workshops, plenary sessions with relevant stakeholders in the field, as well as opportunities for the exchange of best practices among the member county foundations.


22.04.2024 – Day 1 – Our Community

23.04.2024 – Day 2 – European Inspirations: A Tapestry of Influence and Innovation

24.04.2024 – Day 3 – Strengthening the Youth Sector Together

25.04.2024 – Day 4 – Seeds for Tomorrow (I)

26.04.2024 – Day 5 – Seeds for Tomorrow (II)


Why did we choose this name for the event?


YOUTH: On one hand, we chose this first word to emphasize that there are many young people in the National Youth Foundation network. For this event, we wanted the young participants not to be mere beneficiaries but active and integral actors within the National Youth Foundation (NYF) network. This aspect transforms the traditional perspective in which young people are seen merely as recipients of the network’s services or activities. YES highlights the dynamism and profound impact of youth involvement in the various structural and operational roles of the network. Young people are not marginalized as passive beneficiaries; on the contrary, they are fundamental in leading, organizing, and promoting initiatives. Some of them are in the leadership of the foundations (influencing the network’s strategic decisions and development directions), others are part of the youth staff (directly involved in the network’s daily activities), and others are volunteers and ambassadors (playing crucial roles in the operation and outreach of the foundations). Therefore, through all these roles, YES aims to demonstrate that young people are more than mere participants in the NYF network activities; they are equal and essential partners in shaping the network’s future and the youth ecosystem. The event is committed to highlighting and celebrating the contributions of young people and their capacity for inter-generational collaboration, recognizing their ability to positively influence and lead change in their communities and beyond.


On the other hand, we also chose this first word to emphasize that YOUTH must be recognized as a crucial, distinct, and autonomous field in social policy and planning. This means treating youth issues with seriousness and respect, providing them with the necessary resources to develop. Youth should not be just an addendum to other fields, but a prioritized sector, with dedicated policies, resources, and strategies reflecting its complexity and importance. Valuing youth in this way not only increases their visibility and social importance but also contributes to creating structures that support their holistic and integrated development.


ECOSYSTEM: The use of this word in the event name is not accidental. Beyond the partners’ beliefs in this concept, given that YES is the final event of the “Revitalizing the Youth Sector in Romania” project, we want to emphasize that this is the point where the NYF network foundations have reached – to realize that they themselves are micro-youth ecosystems, encompassing (or capable of encompassing) all six elements and, on this occasion, we celebrate their progress over the years of project implementation regarding each ecosystem element. Moreover, choosing this word reflects the continuous commitment to promoting and consolidating this concept among participants, guests, and ERYICA network members. Thus, YES not only celebrates achievements but also strengthens the foundation for future initiatives and collaborations.


SYNERGIES: This word reflects an essential component of the event, emphasizing the power of collaboration and strategic partnerships in generating effective solutions and positive impacts on youth. Within the NYF network, synergies among member foundations amplify the capacity for action and response, creating a dynamic where resources, knowledge, and experiences intertwine to accelerate the development and implementation of youth initiatives. Together, network members can achieve more ambitious goals, innovate faster, and respond more adequately to youth needs. Additionally, extended synergies with other structures, such as project partners, public authorities and institutions, and other organizations, are vital. These connections facilitate the exchange of best practices, ensure stronger political and administrative support, and open up new opportunities for funding and support. YES is an event that facilitates not only interactions with public authority representatives but also networking sessions with other organizations and dialogues with various support structures. Close collaborations with strategic partners extend the influence and effectiveness of the NYF, contributing to the consolidation of the youth ecosystem at the national and regional levels. In the context of international collaboration, synergies with ERYICA (European Youth Information and Counselling Agency) are particularly relevant. NYF’s membership in this international network has provided access to a wide range of resources, expertise, and programs that directly support the mission of informing and advising young people. The presence of ERYICA leaders and representatives at the YES event is a testament to the international recognition of NYF’s efforts and its contribution to the European dialogue on youth policies. This collaboration underscores the importance of cross-border synergies in addressing common challenges faced by young people in Europe.


Therefore, the acronym YES came naturally, having a profound significance and an optimistic message, resonating with a series of strong and meaningful statements:

– YES is not just a title, but a manifesto of the will, achievements, and aspirations of the NYF network and its partners, conveying a strong message of affirmation, success, and openness to new horizons of collaboration in support of youth.

– YES – We say YES to the very concept of Youth Ecosystem Synergies!: Through this, the event aims to celebrate and strengthen the commitment to the idea of synergy within the youth ecosystem. It is an enthusiastic acceptance of the importance of collaboration and interconnection between the various elements and actors that influence and support youth development.

– YES – Yes, the NYF network is here and wants to show this, it cares about the youth ecosystem and the young people at its center!: This message emphasizes the active and dedicated presence of the NYF network in supporting and promoting the youth ecosystem, highlighting the interest and care for the well-being of young people.

– YES – Yes, we have succeeded!: This exclamation marks the successful completion of the “Revitalizing the Youth Sector in Romania” project, celebrating the achievements and progress made in strengthening the youth ecosystem at the national level. It is a recognition of the efforts made and their positive impact.

– YES – Yes, we are open to equal partnerships!: Affirms the NYF network’s openness to fair partnerships and productive collaborations, emphasizing the desire to work together with other entities and organizations in a spirit of equality and mutual respect to amplify the impact of their activities in favor of youth.