Peer to Peer Dynamics

This theme incorporates the fundamental idea that each participant brings a unique set of skills and perspectives that, when combined, can accelerate progress and innovation within the youth ecosystem. Through this theme, the focus is on equal and mutually beneficial interaction among different categories of stakeholders, highlighting that everyone, regardless of role or status, contributes valuable insights to dialogue and development. This dynamic promotes the idea that all community members can learn from each other in a horizontal, not just vertical, manner. This way of learning is essential for continuous personal and professional development, allowing the free exchange of knowledge and experiences.


 Between sectors: Peer-to-peer dynamics cross various sectors, facilitating the exchange of best practices and lessons learned across different fields. This leads to a more holistic and integrated approach to solving problems and maximizing opportunities.

 Between foundations: Interaction among the foundations within the NYF network stimulates collaboration and co-creation of solutions to common challenges. The foundations share resources and expertise to strengthen their collective impact.

 Between generations: Peer-to-peer dynamics encourage dialogue within and beyond the network, recognizing that each generation comes with unique strengths and perspectives that can contribute to deeper understanding and innovative solutions.

 Between FNT and ERYICA: The relationship between FNT and ERYICA illustrates how two networks can collaborate to enhance and expand their impact, learning from each other and supporting each other in their initiatives.

 Between different levels: Equal dynamics between leaders, youth staff, volunteers, and ambassadors demonstrate that each level of the organization has something valuable to offer, reinforcing the idea that leaders can learn from those they lead and vice versa.

The ‘Peer-to-Peer Dynamics’ theme also includes a strong message from the National Youth Foundation (NYF) to all actors involved in the youth field – authorities, funders, other structures – emphasizing the importance of mutual recognition of merits and contributions. Through this, NYF encourages equal recognition of the importance and relevance of each partner, regardless of their role in the ecosystem.

This dynamic calls for collaboration based on mutual respect, where each actor is valued for their unique contribution and where cooperation is seen not just as a necessity but as an opportunity to maximize collective impact. By highlighting the utility of cooperation, NYF promotes a model of interaction that transcends hierarchical barriers and traditional sectors, facilitating constructive dialogue and joint actions that support and promote youth development.

Thus, by promoting this transversal theme for this event, NYF not only strengthens its own philosophy of internal and cross-sectoral collaboration but also invites other entities to adopt a similar approach, recognizing that success in the youth field is a collective effort that requires the active participation and commitment of all stakeholders.