Strategic Planning- training course

The National Youth Foundation (FNT) organizes between October 10-14, the training course on Strategic Planning, organized within the project „Revitalization of the Romanian Youth Sector”. This project aims at the strategic development of the network of county youth foundations, but also aims to strengthen the key role they have or can have in local and county public ecosystems.

The strategic development program takes place between September 2023 and April 2024 and aims to develop the planning and strategic action capacity of the County Youth Foundations, offering professional support for the realization and/or consolidation of their own strategy through the following:

  • providing a general framework and a guide for the implementation of county strategies for County Youth Foundations
  • professional training for 1/2 members of each participating foundation on October 11-13 in Bucharest;
  • professional mentoring between November and April in order to perfect the strategy of each Foundation;
  • assistance in finalizing strategic documents. 

Participation in the training course is free, and accommodation in Bucharest, round-trip transport, and meals during the course days will be fully provided.