Partner of the training- Revitalising the Youth Sector in Romania

From 31 January to 2 February 2024, the National Youth Foundation hosted a training course on „Alternative Sources of Financing”, supported by PONT Group, partner in the project „Revitalising the Youth Sector in Romania„. Held at the headquarters of the FNT Foundation in Bucharest, the event was an important step in strengthening efforts to support young people and their organisations.


Participants from the county foundations were privileged to benefit from some valuable information as the training covered various aspects of attracting alternative funding. Through this programme, the aim was to provide a general framework and a guide for county youth foundations to carry out alternative funding campaigns.


The training included several key components, such as professional training for members of participating foundations, professional mentoring to refine alternative fundraising campaigns and assistance in finalising and running specific campaigns. These components were designed to provide participants with the tools to meet the challenges and develop their fundraising skills.


The detailed programme of the course included intensive training sessions over three days on a variety of relevant topics. From alternative funding attraction strategies to their practical implementation, participants had the opportunity to learn and interact in a friendly and dynamic environment.


About the program Active Citizens Fund Romania

The project was carried out by the Timis County Youth Foundation in partnership with the National Youth Foundation, PONT Group and Newschool and received funding of 249,970 euros through the Active Citizens Fund Romania programme, funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through EEA Grants 2014-2021.

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